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September 27, 2011

Review: From Pearl Harbor to Calvary by Mitsuo Fuchida (audiobook)

By Nate LaClaire

In From Pearl Harbor to Calvary, Mitsuo Fuchida tells the story of how he went from willingly leading the attack that killed over 2,000 people at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 to serving his creator as an evangelist who preached about the forgiveness found only in Christ. The book also shares the story of Jacob DeShazer, who God used to bring about Fuchida’s salvation. This book was originally published in 1953 and is being republished this year, the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The audio edition also includes interviews with Jacob DeShazer and his wife Florence DeShazer.

This is an enlightening book. I had never heard of Fuchida or the DeShazers before listening to it and I found the story both enlightening and inspiring. Fuchida tells of the hatred that led him to volunteer for the Pearl Harbor mission and the hatred that led DeShazer to volunteer for a retaliatory mission. We then learn how God moved in these men to show them that hatred is not the solution and that Christ made it possible for them to forgive and find forgiveness.

This very short audiobook is well worth a listen. If you’ve ever wondered if God still works, you won’t after hearing how He worked in these men’s lives.

Regarding the audiobook quality, the narrator does an excellent job and the production quality is also excellent.