Cover image courtesy of Thomas Nelson Bibles
September 24, 2011

Review: Putting Plan B Into Action: A DVD-Based Study

By Nate LaClaire

You have a story. Everyone has a story. A story of plans that didn’t turn out as expected, people who disappointed you, goals that didn’t pan out. Maybe you lost your job, you and your spouse have been unable to have children, or a loved one died of cancer. In Putting Plan B Into Action: A DVD-Based Study, Nashville-based pastor and church planter Pete Wilson speaks to those who have experienced a Plan B situation, a time when God didn’t show up the way you expected. Based on Wilson’s book, Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Show Up the Way You Thought He Would?, this small group study uses real-life contemporary stories and biblical teaching to lead you through the process of discovering the Plan B for your life and embracing it.

Each of the six group sessions includes a 12-15-minute video message from Wilson followed by a brief reading, a series of questions designed to encourage small group discussion, and a prayer. Group leaders are encouraged to use the questions to get people talking but to allow the discussion to go wherever the participants need it to go rather than covering every question. The participant guide includes 5 daily personal devotions to be used in the week following each group session. A daily scripture reading, short message from Wilson, and questions help to reinforce the message during the week.

This is a fantastic study. The DVD is beautifully produced and the content of each session is excellent. The participant guide coincides nicely with the DVD and encourages honest sharing and forming of community among group members, something that is so important for people who are dealing with life’s struggles. Most importantly, the study is grounded in scripture and reminds us that we must turn to God when dealing with the pain of disappointment.

Putting Plan B Into Action: A DVD-Based Study is well-suited both for Christians and as an outreach to non-Christians. I encourage you to use this study with your small group or to start a small group using the study. If you do, let me know how it goes.