Creative Commons License photo credit: makelessnoise
November 8, 2010

Firestarter: Do You Have a Team of Good Life Editors?

By Nate LaClaire

A friend of mine recently loaned me two books by Donald Miller. I am enjoying the first of them, Blue Like Jazz, immensely. That’s probably why Lindsey Nobles’ October 22 blog post, The Best Thing I’ve Read This Week, caught my attention. The “best thing” referenced in that title is a post by Donald Miller entitled, Do You Have a Team of Good Life Editors? I am blessed by an excellent team of life editors, although I don’t often rely on them (or trust them) as much as I should. Reading this post got me thinking about how blessed I am in this area. I need to thank them and apologize for not following – or seeking – their advice as often as I should.

Do you have a team of good life editors?