By Nate LaClaire —  November 7, 2010 — 2 Comments

I’ve thought a lot about my blog recently and the need for either maintaining it, shutting it down, or fundamentally changing it. A thought came to me this morning and I’ve decided to follow through. I want to be posting something every week. I have lots of ideas, but lately I can’t seem to turn them into posts of substance. I have been tweeting and posting things on Facebook with much more regularity than I’ve been posting to my blog because of the difference between expectations for blogs and those for Facebook and Twitter. I don’t want to turn my blog into essentially a Twitter stream or Facebook wall, but am thinking that some short “thoughts” are bloggable (blog-able?) and might spark discussion or at least get others thinking. So, I’m introducing a new category to my blog: Firestarters. Firestarters will be short posts that either relate something that sparked my attention recently or something that I think might spark your attention. I still want to be writing more substantial posts as well, but those needn’t come every week.

Now, I should give you fair warning: in case you haven’t noticed, I have varied interests. Firestarters might relate to faith, music, politics, programming, health, reading, food, or just about anything else. You might not care about some new programming language, a “beautiful” code structure that someone showed me, a musical motive, a Latin phrase, a piece of scripture, or the benefits of bee pollen. That’s okay. I am and someone else out there must be. Who knows, one of my computer-hating acquaintances might become a programmer after seeing a gorgeous line of Groovy. 🙂 Firestarters are about getting me and you thinking. “Catalyst” might be too lofty a word, but maybe not in some cases.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ll stick around for this experiment.

By the way, I have a book review and an audiobook review in the works as well. Stay tuned!

Nate LaClaire

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Nate LaClaire is a Christian millennial web developer and entrepreneur who writes about faith, life, and intentional living. He is lead developer at Home Building Estimates and owner of Netwalker Internet Services.
  • I'm looking forward to seeing your fire-starters. And maybe I should follow your example with my own blog…

  • Hey, Joanna! Thanks! I've been hoping you haven't given up on your blog. I need to make a point of commenting on your posts. I always enjoy them, but don't often comment.

    It's so easy to let months go between blog entries… I'm hoping this will help me and that will be neat if you decide to give it a try yourself. As an inbound marketing certified professional, I tell customers that in order to be a success a blog should have at least two new posts a week and that statistics show that 100% of businesses that publish multiple blog posts per day receive business through their blogs. I don't care about my blog being a "success" or about getting business from it, but it really doesn't look good for my blog to be so neglected. My business' blog is even worse and I'm planning to rectify that soon as well. That one does need to start helping me pay the bills.