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September 25, 2014

Review: Being Church, Doing Life

By Nate LaClaire

If you had asked me a few months ago for my opinion regarding “fresh expressions of church,” I think I would have looked quizzically at you and then said that I wasn’t sure what you meant but couldn’t imagine it was something of which I would be in favor. That was before reading Being Church, Doing Life: Creating Gospel Communities Where Life Happens by Michael Moynagh. With over 120 examples from Britain and North America, the book describes how ordinary Christians can start and grow these gospel communities in their everyday lives. In his foreword, Alan Hirsch says, “these new expressions of church must surely be considered our best chance for a renewed impact of the Gospel in the West.” Moynagh’s approach to “contextual church” is simple but transformative:

  • Ask another Christian (or more!)
  • Begin jointly to serve people around you
  • Create community with them
  • Discuss stories about Jesus
  • Explore following Him together

In case you hadn’t noticed from what I’ve said above, I’ve become a fan of the idea. 🙂 Woven throughout the 120+ inspiring examples, the book explains why Christians should start gospel communities and how to get started. This is an important book for all Christians to read. While there is much in the book for those in church leadership, the book is written for you and me. I found the book interesting, inspiring, and very easy to read.

I encourage you to read this book today! Perhaps it will inspire you to start a gospel community where your life happens!

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Being Church, Doing Life: Creating Gospel Communities Where Life Happens
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