Photos courtesy of Javed Irshad
November 14, 2011

Flood Victims in Pakistan Need Your Help

By Nate LaClaire

I recently received a distressing email from Javed Irshad, who, with his family, runs a Christian ministry in Pakistan, reaching out to Pakistani children. Here is what Javed shared:

Dear Brother Nate,

Christians in Pakistan are in “grievous distress” as large swathes of Pakistan are once again submerged in water. Serious flooding has forced thousands of people into emergency camps where facilities are poor and they are at risk of catching diseases such as malaria, dysentery and dengue fever. It comes exactly one year after flood waters covered vast swathes of Pakistan last summer.

Some areas were seeing worse flooding than last year, with the equivalent of an entire monsoon season’s worth of rain falling in just a few days. It warned that Christians were particularly vulnerable because they already live in poverty and is often overlooked in the distribution of aid. We are terribly sad to see the destruction and poor condition of the people affected by heavy rains.

We have noticed and seen that Christians are being deprived of the help, relief and support that other people are getting.

Our Ministry has launched an emergency appeal to provide food, clean water and hygiene products to Pakistani Christians caught up in the floods and as I shared with you that many of Christian families are staying with us.

In this latest calamity our brothers and sisters in Pakistan have no way to help themselves, and other organisations may never come to their aid.

“They are crying out to us for their very lives. Will you please help us help them to survive?”

You can learn more about Javed and his ministry by visiting Photos of the flood relief team can be found here. Oxfam America has additional information about the crisis in Pakistan. At the bottom of this post is a video with further information.

When I spoke with Javed recently, he had 27 people living with him and they were in dire need of funds to purchase food and will soon be in need of warm clothing as well. Please join with me in helping Pakistani flood victims. You can email Javed at or find him on Facebook at to learn more about how to help. A little bit of help can go a long way.