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October 27, 2011

Review: So You Want An Online Book Tour by Jaime McDougall

By Nate LaClaire

In her latest e-book, So You Want An Online Book Tour: An Author’s Guide to Online Book Tours, author Jaime McDougall has used her experience as a professional blogger, book tour coordinator, and book tour host to provide other authors with an easy-to-follow guide to online book tours. McDougall speaks to those authors who want to take on the entire book tour scheduling process themselves as well as those who expect to hire a coordinator for their tour and lays out what to expect and how best to conduct tours.

McDougall begins by explaining what an online book tour is and detailing the types of tours, types of tour stops, and add-ons that some book tour packages provide. She then gets into what you can expect if you hire a book tour company and how to compare companies. Next, she guides the reader through the important things that should be done pre-tour, including the process of finding and contacting hosts. She then provides helpful advice for during and after the tour. Finally, she includes a long list of links to resources for those considering an online book tour.

This is a small but thorough guide for those authors who are considering an online book tour, as well as those who haven’t yet considered an online book tour but need to promote their book(s). As a blogger rather than an author, I still found this book enlightening and learned some things that will help me as a potential host.

McDougall’s passion for helping other authors to succeed is clear throughout this guidebook. She generously shares her experience with others and the result is invaluable.

My suggestion: buy the e-book, read it, and use it to spread your message. While you’re at it, check out Jaime’s first So You Want… e-book for authors: So You Want to Write a Guest Post.