August 12, 2011

Only 144 Hours

By Nate LaClaire

How would you like to save a boat load of money on ministry resources? I recently learned about though Tony Morgan Live. offers “epic 144 hour sales” for churches. It’s kind of like Groupon for Christian ministries. The concept is awesome and the savings are HUGE! For example, the site is launching a deal today that includes $1,074 worth of children’s ministry resources for only $97. If my math is correct, that’s over a 90% savings. There’s one caveat, though: each and every deal lasts only for 144 hours, so you better pay attention and buy quick. Sometimes there are also limited numbers of some resources, so you’ll get a better deal until those resources are sold out. For example, there is a single computer desk that will be included with the first purchase of the children’s ministry resources package and only the first 100 purchasers will receive a copy of the book Think Orange. I’ve included a video below describing the latest deal. To learn more or to buy, visit