April 7, 2011

The Brotherhood by Jerry B. Jenkins (audiobook)

By Nate LaClaire

After a house fire severely alters his future, taking his young family from him in an instant, Chicago police officer Boone Drake struggles to come to terms with his loss and how God could allow such a thing to happen. Slowly, with the help of his pastor and the support of his partner, Boone begins to heal and build a stronger relationship with God than he had ever had.

I enjoyed the The Brotherhood by Jerry B. Jenkins immensely. It has a mix of drama, action, and a bit of romance. I felt, however, that the book did not live up to its classification as a police thriller. While there are some action scenes, I found very little of the book to fit my idea of a thriller and would classify it as more of a police drama than a police thriller.

If you’re looking for a touching story and are okay with some graphic descriptions, I would definitely recommend this book.

In addition to the great story, the audiobook edition was excellent. The narrator, Johnny Heller, did a fantastic job and the audio quality is exceptional.