May 15, 2010


By Nate LaClaire

I haven’t made a big deal about this, but I’m taking a seven-week sabbatical from playing the piano for worship services at PBC. The second week of my sabbatical begins tomorrow. Last weekend I took my annual trip to Belfast, Maine, and for the next six weeks I will be visiting other local churches. My sabbatical is for rest, renewal, refreshment, and restoration, as well as to experience other church services, worship formats, and teaching formats, and to, as one of PBC’s elders so aptly put it, spend time with other believers of like precious faith.

I grew up in PBC, yet while I have served in some capacity at PBC for many years, I have, at some level, been dating the church. I am not a church member and do not feel prepared to become one. I have not had the opportunity to visit many other churches because of my church responsibilities, but I have never fully committed to PBC. Therefore, I’m using this sabbatical to try out some other churches, see how other church families (co)operate, and experience other service styles. I expect that at the end of the seven weeks I will have a fresh perspective and new insight into why PBC is my church family and why I want to marry it. I also expect to return to PBC with new ideas. However, my prayer is nothing more than that God will guide me through this experience and use it to show me where I belong and why I belong there, as well as to refresh me. I would appreciate it if you would pray for me as well.

Tomorrow I visit a church in Lewiston. I am sure that my experience will in some positive way impact a future blog post. Until then, good night.