52 Weeks of Code

By Nate LaClaire —  January 21, 2010 — 2 Comments

I read in the January issue of Dream.In.Code‘s newsletter about a challenge called “52 Weeks of Code” that the site has launched. From the site:

For the next 52 weeks we will challenge you, and you will challenge yourself, to become a better programmer. The goal is to broaden your knowledge and understanding of various languages, programming concepts, and techniques. This is not a competition between members. There are no winners or losers. It is simply meant to expose you to new languages, new concepts, and bleeding edge technologies and help you learn.

A new challenge will be posted to the forum each Monday and will be designed to encourage exploration of the topics covered. The challenges will not be limited to any specific area of development (such as Web, games, etc.). The site is inviting programmers to submit their own challenges. In fact, it looks like this week’s challenge is one that was submitted in this manner.

This looks like a fun way to explore some new technologies and to re-familiarize myself with (or further explore) some technologies that aren’t so new to me. I probably won’t be able to participate on a weekly basis, but look forward to participating throughout the year. If you’re so inclined, post a comment and let me know that you’re doing the same so that we can keep in touch about it!

Nate LaClaire

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Nate LaClaire is a Christian millennial web developer and entrepreneur who writes about faith, life, and intentional living. He is lead developer at Home Building Estimates and owner of Netwalker Internet Services.
  • Roy Lopez

    Hi Nate,
    Wishing you the best.
    I like your blog!

    Regarding “52 Weeks of Code”
    I couldn’t find the actual challenge, where do I find it?

    In Christ,
    roy lopez

    • Hey, Roy! Sorry for the delay. Thanks! Actually, I was unclear: there are 52 individual challenges, each listed on http://www.dreamincode.net/forums/forum/126-52-weeks-of-code/ and named “Week #[the number] – [the language].” I didn’t do well at keeping up with the challenges at all. Actually, though, as the year went on the “challenges” got to be less and less “challenges” and more “here’s some info about _____.” I did get to learn about some new (to me) languages, which was cool.