October 20, 2009

Five days down

By Nate LaClaire

So, how am I doing five days after my commitment to a healthy me? Well… At stage one of the Full Plate Diet, I’m supposed to:

  1. Eat more fiber
  2. Drink more water – at least 6 glasses a day
  3. Stop eating when I no longer feel hungry

Yes, I’ve eaten more fiber over the past five days than I have been for the past several months, so that’s progress. I haven’t surpassed where I was six months ago, but I am doing better than recent, and, since we’re talking about fiber here, I know that increasing intake slowly is better than doing it quickly (don’t OD on fiber on day one because you won’t make it to day two). Yes, I’ve increased my water intake, but not quite to 6+ glasses a day. With one exception, I did stop eating when I stopped feeling hungry. So, not too bad! However, I only fulfilled my exercise commitment (20 minutes of solid cardio) two of the five days. Not so good. Yesterday I did a lot of walking, but didn’t get a solid 20 minutes of heart-pumping goodness.

The good news is that it can only get better from here! 🙂