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In Enemies of the Heart: Breaking Free from the Four Emotions That Control You, pastor Andy Stanley calls readers to break free from the destructive power of guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy. These four forces, says Stanley, have the power to destroy your home, career, and friendships if left unchallenged. They take over your life, destroy your relationships, and leave you and those around you hurting. In this book, Stanley provides practical advice, straight from the Bible, to help you take back control and restore your relationships.

Enemies of the Heart is exactly what I needed. It is both convicting and refreshing. The author uses a thoroughly enjoyable writing style with fun anecdotes to unwrap, dissect, and bring light to the sources of our problems. The book is nothing if not direct – no skirting around the issues here – and yet unlike with many similar books I never felt as if the author were being self-righteous or accusatory. After describing the problems and helping us to see the problems in our own lives, Stanley provides powerful insight into how to free ourselves from the bondage found in these four emotions.

Please do yourself and those around you a favor and buy this book, but don’t stop there. Devour it. Live it. Use it to change your life.

What is the one principle that will save humanity? That is the question that David Ponder and a bevy of historical figures must answer in The Final Summit: A Quest to Find the One Principle That Will Save Humanity, the latest novel by acclaimed speaker and writer Andy Andrews. Mankind’s greed, pride, and hate have brought us to the brink of destruction and now God has given us one last chance at salvation by bringing together the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, George Washington Carver, Joan of Arc, and other great minds from throughout history to provide the two-word solution to the problem.

This book was a page-turner. I found great enjoyment in the storyline, seeing the characters interact and sometimes wondering how such a meeting of “giants” would really go. I read the book in a very few sittings and found myself laughing often. Despite the enjoyable story, great insight is found in the book as well. The reader will learn, or be reminded of, many principles that have been used by successful people throughout history. The final “solution” is a tried and true act that is part of successful living.

Unfortunately, I wish that the author had stayed closer to biblical truth. Numerous statements throughout the book differ from biblical teaching and the final solution, while beneficial on a humanistic level, falls far from the one “solution,” the only one capable of “saving” humanity from its destruction: Jesus Christ.

If you want to be inspired or just entertained, I encourage you to read this book. Do not, however, expect to find biblically sound teaching within its pages.