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Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has to be one of his most loved works and also one of the most widely known Christmas stories. Published in 1843, the novella tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a miser who is visited one Christmas Eve by four “spirits” whose mission is to save him from himself.

In Mission Audio’s audiobook edition of the story, narrator Simon Vance gives a phenomenal reading of the classic tale, complete with exceptional voices. The narration grabbed my attention right off and kept it through the very end. I gained new insight into the story because of the beautiful narration and was reminded of the importance of its message.

Whether you’ve read the story before or not, I highly recommend this audiobook. You’ll be inspired and uplifted.

PS This story and From Pearl Harbor to Calvary, which I reviewed previously, are available as free downloads from christianaudio through December 31, 2011. Learn more here.

PPS After posting this review, I came across a review by Josh Morgan of Jacob’s Cafe. I encourage you to read his review, which relates the story to the Gospel.

In A Marriage Carol, Jake and Marlee Ebenezer are calling it quits on their 20-year marriage. On a snowy Christmas Eve, the parents of three young children are driving to their lawyer’s office to sign their divorce papers when they are in an automobile accident. Awaking in an empty car, Marlee assumes that Jake has gone looking for help and sets out to join him. She comes across a house and meets a very hospitable elderly man named Jay. After getting Marlee comfortable, Jay goes looking for Jake, but returns empty-handed. As the story progresses, Jay explains that he and his wife help people with dying marriages to find their love again and he proceeds to show Marlee their most unusual process. Jay reminds Marlee what is important in life, but is it too late to save her marriage – and her husband’s life?

In this take-off of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol,  authors Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman use the classic Christmas tale to show those facing marital problems that they need to make a radical change in how they think about their marriage: it’s not what they can get out of their marriage but what God can do with the marriage that truly matters.

This is a beautiful and touching story with a very clear, biblical message. The story is well-told and the characters are very well-developed. I recommend this as a great inspirational Christmas story, but it is certainly much more than that: a parable with very real truth for those questioning whether it’s worth continuing to invest in their marriages.

The audiobook is read by co-author Chris Fabry, who did an excellent job. As always with christianaudio’s audiobooks, the production quality is exceptional.

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