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Browsing on today, I found an article from last December about the fact that today’s luxury retailers are placing a greater emphasis on customer service than they have before.


The staff is friendly and eager to educate any customer about the store’s wares regardless if they are an A-list celebrity or an everyday shopper.

From Top Shops 2006 –


This got me to thinking: what happened to customer service? These retailers are charging enough to cover their extravagant customer service policies, but it seems like even low-price retailers used to focus more on customer service than they do today. Have we gotten to the point as a country where we are willing to sacrifice personal contact and pride in products to save money? I think we have and that’s sad. We care so much about getting a deal that we tell the retailers (by our purchasing decisions) that we don’t care about helpful customer service as long as the price is low. Consequently, stores cut customer service to cut prices. They also cut quality to cut prices, and since there’s no customer service, no one cares.


It seems I’ve heard this same complaint coming from people I know who hate the lack of customer service but won’t pay more to send a message. Maybe I’m a hypocrite, too. It’s time I put my money where my mouth is. It’s time I start shopping places where I’ll be asked, "Can I help you find something?" Will you join me?

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October 1

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October 1 is here. The trees are turning, autumn weather is upon us. Beautiful autumn weather. Today is Community Day here in Poland, Maine. This year’s event is being run by the Poland Recreation Department and is being held at the Poland Regional High School. I will be going to the event at around 11:00 this morning to help the Friends of the Library with their cake walk.

Last night I was invited to go along with the library staff for the end-of-summer staff party. We went to Julian’s in Gray. The party was also a going-away party for Joanne Wildes, a dear friend, fellow believer, part-time library employee, and just plain great lady who is moving to Rhode Island with her husband in another month. Dick, her husband, attended the party as well and we all had a very nice time.

Life has been busy since my last post. My college classes are in full swing and choir has now begun. So, when my business is figured in to the whole thing, free time is not something I experience very often. However, my grades are doing well, as is my business – so it is worth the stress.

A friend of the family, Philip Stange, is staying with my family this weekend. The weekend promises to be a lot of fun! Unfortunately, I have some (typical for me) last-minute school work to do, but I am sure I will have time to recreate as well. According to Philip my web site is easily findable by someone who is not looking for it. ๐Ÿ™‚ He told me that his mom found it and sent him the address. Hello world!

I am committed to not making promises I can’t keep. However, I do seriously hope to post something else before another month+ has passed.