Category: Politics

October 8, 2007

Fred Thompson’s Tonight Show Interview

I like this guy more every time he opens his mouth. Clips from his interview with Jay Leno: Part 1 (the video has been removed from YouTube) Part 2 (the video has been removed from YouTube) Also, Fred’s response to HillaryCare

September 27, 2007

A Vision of HillaryCare

The Telegraph (a British news publication) offers a wonderful example of what we have to look forward to in the US if Hillary Clinton gets her way: “I want to warn other smokers. We have paid our National Insurance stamps all our lives and now we are being shut out of the NHS.” See the full story, Smoker refused operation on broken ankle, for full […]

September 23, 2007

Dave Ramsey on Socialism in America

In this radio clip from July 2007, Dave takes on socialism in America, promotes the flat tax, explains why he calls himself a “sanctified capitalist,” and tells us how to protect ourselves from socialism. I heard this clip on the radio and am excited that it’s been made available online. Good stuff!

December 11, 2006

Immigration enforcement is for feds

An interesting view of Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney’s decision to give state police the task of arresting illegal immigrants from Thomas Keown, the director of media relations for the Irish Immigration Center in Boston: …beyond immigration it is the purely law enforcement angle that shows most clearly the danger of state police enforcing immigration law. Effective community policing depends on effective partnerships. Police departments have […]