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I find it interesting to see which of my blog posts are the most popular during any given period of time and decided to share the information for July with you, my readers. A few of my more recent posts have been quite popular, but there’s one older post that has remained on the list month after month. Here it is, in declining order of popularity:

  1. Psalm 16:7-11
  2. Texas Bar Sues Church
  3. Jesus Manifesto by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola
  4. Sabbatical
  5. MuseScore and ScoreRender
  6. Stop Dating the Church! by Joshua Harris

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A nice week

By Nate LaClaire —  May 14, 2010 — 2 Comments

It’s been almost three weeks since the end of Digital Detox Week and I’ve yet to write about my experiences during my break from social media and TV. The week was incredibly refreshing and it gave me a glimpse of a life free from the distractions of my consumer habits. On the first day, I sat down and began a list of “best practices” that I would like to put into action in order to bring my life in line with what I believe God wants my life to look like. As the week proceeded, I revisited the list, making changes based on God’s leading. After a couple more weeks of changes, I’m ready to begin implementing the list this week. I’m really not sure if I will be able to implement everything, but I am determined to try (with Yoda’s voice in my head: “do or do not, there is no try”). Part of me is looking forward to the challenge, while part of me recognizes the foolishness of it. With much prayer, I venture forward.

An awesome wrap

By Nate LaClaire —  May 1, 2010 — Leave a comment

So, I have been contemplating what I might write about in my first post-detox blog post. A sensational experience earlier this week answered the question. I read on Monday that Square Root Natural Foods, Poland’s new natural food store, is now selling wraps and sandwiches. I had planned a stop at the store on Tuesday, so I had to check out the wraps. Now, I don’t know about you, but curry tuna just did not sound appetizing. However, after being told that it was Zakk’s personal creation, I decided to give it a try. “You won’t regret it,” I was told. He was right! Albacore tuna, ranch dressing, canola mayonnaise, capers, onion, celery, curry, cumin, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and a whole wheat tortilla combine to make a truly amazing wrap. I wasn’t surprised today to learn that they can’t keep them in the store. I shared mine with the rest of my family and everyone agreed: absolutely delightful. By the way, I’m not a fan of sauerkraut or capers, and my youngest sister doesn’t like curry, but we agreed that the combination of flavors was wonderful. The picture above shows just half of the wrap and the whole thing only cost $4.25 – a decent price considering how much food it was.

I also purchased a bag of Bare Fruit Organic Dried Fuji Apple Chips to go along with the wrap (see the pictures above and below). Another excellent purchase! Yummy!

So, if you’re within flying distance 🙂 of Poland, Maine, get yourself over to Poland Crossing at 1399 Maine Street and ask at Square Root Natural Foods for their Curry Tuna wrap. Let me know what you think!

Taking a Break

By Nate LaClaire —  April 16, 2010 — 3 Comments

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I spend my time. It seems that I find myself wasting a lot of time on Facebook or in front of the TV (or both simultaneously) or doing other things that drain me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. After reading and contemplating a blog post by Tony Steward, I’ve decided to follow the example of Michael Hyatt and combine it with a suggestion from my good friend Joanna Hoyt. Consequently, I’m observing TV Turnoff Week (aka Digital Detox Week), April 19-25, 2010, by turning off the TV, staying away from Internet video, and taking a break from social media, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social sites/tools. Since my work involves social media, I will have to monitor Facebook, Twitter, and some other social media sites for business purposes, but will use them for absolutely nothing personal and will limit my time on them as much as possible. I’m also observing a blog silence during the week, but that won’t impact my life much because of the (lack of) frequency with which I generally post to my blog.

I’m looking forward to the break and am contemplating how my life will change after April 25.

Would you like to join me? Comment below and let us know what you’re giving up as part of your digital detox from April 19 to 25.

See you on the other end!

I was asked to speak on behalf of the Ricker Memorial Library at the grand opening of Square Root Natural Foods on Saturday, March 20, 2010. My remarks are below:

When my family moved to Poland 20 years ago, we came from a town with a library that was staffed by a group of committed volunteers, but that was peripheral to the community. It was little more than a place to borrow books. One of the things that stood out the most for my family was how central Ricker Library was to the town of Poland. It was, and continues to be, a bright, cheerful place that is truly the hub of our community and is vital to our town’s prosperity. That’s why I was so excited when Zakk Maher approached the library about Square Root Natural Foods donating a portion of today’s profits to the library and about working with the library to bring programming related to health and natural and organic foods to Poland. Square Root Natural Foods and the library have similar qualities. Both are committed to fostering community here in Poland. While the library provides the community house, with many community events taking place within our building’s walls, and serves as the town’s warming and cooling centers, Square Root Natural Foods provides its community lounge and promotes products grown and created within our community. Also, while Square Root Natural Foods serves our physical needs by providing nutrition for the body, the library provides nutrition for the mind and soul. Now more than ever it is important to support our local economy and that’s what Square Root Natural Foods is dedicated to doing by providing local products. The library is committed to boosting the local economy by providing resources for job seekers and small businesses. As Anne Herbert once said, “Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.” We are honored to have the opportunity to work with Square Root Natural Foods to support our local economy and to promote healthy habits and we thank Zakk and Emmy for their support of the library. We look forward to using their donation to improve our ecology and agriculture sections and also look forward to working with them in the future to bring quality programming on related topics to the town. If you would like more information about the Alvan Bolster Ricker Memorial Library and Community House, including our upcoming programs and fundraisers, please come to the library or visit our web site at

Hello to my friends in Central Maine (especially Poland, Maine)! This Saturday (March 20) we have an awesome opportunity to support a great new local business and also support our favorite public library! Square Root Natural Foods is a new natural food store opening at Poland Crossing, where Poland’s Dunkin Donuts is located (the store is between Northeast Bank and Family Dollar). Being very community-minded, the owners have chosen to donate a portion of the opening day’s profits to the library, to be used to improve the library’s ecology and agriculture sections. As a library trustee and friend of the library, I’m excited about what this means for the library. As a lover of my hometown, I’m excited about what this means for Poland. As someone who supports the local economy by purchasing locally-grown foods, I’m excited about this great new place to get local and natural goods. Please join me in helping to make their opening day a huge success while also supporting Ricker Library! The store had its soft open a few weeks ago, so I’ve had the opportunity to visit and I can tell you that they have a great selection. Also, I had a long talk with the owners and am very impressed with their attitude regarding the business and the community. For more information about the event, visit the Friends of Ricker Library web site at

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I designed and built this site based on a color scheme created by Jessica Devoe of Devoe Web Designs, who also created the company’s logo. Forthcoming features include a jQuery-based photo gallery.

Freeport-based concert ministry The Lighthouse Events is bringing two big names to Maine this spring: Jeremy Camp and Phillips, Craig & Dean! Jeremy Camp will be joined by his wife, Adie, on March 27 in Lewiston at Pathway Vineyard. PCD will be in Bangor at Abundant Life Church on May 21 and will be joined by Meredith Andrews. Both concerts promise to be fantastic! For more information, click the posters below.

Jeremy Camp Live Unplugged Tour. Click here. Phillips, Crain, and Dean with special guest Meredith Andrews. Click here.

There is little point in this blog post except to tell you about a couple of friends, one old and one new, who have started blogging recently. One, Joanna Hoyt, is a fairly politically liberal quaker with whom I grew up. Just today she started her blog, Living as if the Truth was true. The other is a fellow UMA Computer Information Systems student who is quite politically conservative (her religious views are currently unknown to me). She started her blog, The Maine Conservatively Liberal Democratic Republican, in November. Although we don’t always agree (probably often do not), I look forward to reading what they have to say and encourage you to check them out!

Kindle book: Chicagoman

By Nate LaClaire —  December 20, 2009 — Leave a comment
Chicagoman cover
Chicagoman title page

I created the Kindle edition of this book by long-time client Rejoice Marriage Ministries. By the way, you can now read Kindle editions without a Kindle! Just download Kindle for PC.

see the book on