November 22, 2010

Justified by Faith Alone by R.C. Sproul (audiobook)

By Nate LaClaire

Read by Sean Runnette.

In Justified by Faith Alone, R. C. Sproul describes the differences between the Roman Catholic church’s doctrine of justification and that of the evangelical church. This debate was central to the Reformation and yet the author says that it is commonly misunderstood.

After introducing the reader to the meaning of justification and explaining the importance of the debate, he proceeds to explain each of the two viewpoints and then provides further explanation of the Reformation arguments. I found this book – barely more than a pamphlet, really – to be quite interesting. I learned a great deal from it and my understanding of the topic was helped by it. I was pleased by the care with which Sproul explained both sides, avoiding a one-sided debate.

I should point out that this book is neither a light overview nor a Biblical study of the topic. It is much more focused on the historical than the practical and therefore uses numerous Latin phrases that had significance to the Reformers as well as upper-level English that many might find confusing.

Regardless, I am glad that I listened to the audiobook. The book was aided by the exceptional narration and recording quality. The narrator’s voice was warm and his enunciation was excellent.

If Latin and college-level English don’t bother you, I encourage you to listen to this audiobook. You won’t regret it.